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Our First Try at Concrete Countertops Part 4

We are here at the finish line! I was so relieved when we finished this kitchen, and I loved how it turned out. The countertops are absolutely my favorite part of the City House kitchen. We estimate that the project cost us about $2,000 for the kitchen and two bathrooms. To give you an idea of how much space we had we used a full package of the counter forms which  includes eight- 8' pieces (64 lineal feet) and six - 8' backwall pieces (48 lineal feet).

Our totals include the tools we bought ($700 +/-) which can be used again. Doing it ourselves was a big cost saver because hiring someone to do this project would actually make it cost more than a traditional stone countertop. It's an extremely labor and time intensive project, but if you want something 100% unique it's the perfect way to go.

Are you ready to tackle this major DIY? I've put together a list of all of the materials we used and where you can purchase them. Feel free to contact us directly for step by step support. We are happy to help you troubleshoot and understand the potential issues/outcome you might experience. This is a big undertaking and one that you want to be prepared to face challenges! Stay tuned for more concrete countertops in our new build home. It probably won't be until next spring, but we are doing some things differently that I think will make this project even cooler.

ZCounterform Square edge forms

5/8" Plywood sheets cut to size for the base of the countertops

Plastic (lay as a barrier between plywood & concrete)

Metal Lath & 1/2" Rebar both for reinforcement

Concrete Countertop Mix

Concrete Mixer

Concrete Vibrator HERE

We contacted Stonecoat Countertops for help with the design and to purchase some of the supplies. We recommend contacting them directly- they are extremely helpful! Plus they have a ton of videos you can watch for design inspiration.

Epoxy Kit

Base Color Tint in Gray

Rustoleum Spray Paint in White, Black, & Silver

If you go to our Instagram @MarshallRemodel in the highlights section "Countertops" there are videos showing the process. Thanks for stopping by!

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