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Post Frame Barndominium Exterior Wall Framing | Part 1

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Welcome back to the MAD County build. It's August 15th, and the past couple of days have been incredibly busy on the construction site. Exciting developments are happening as I continue to push forward with our dream barndominium. In this update, I'll take you through our progress, from receiving crucial materials to lifting our first walls. Let's dive right in!

A truck delivering the supplies

Material Delivery and Unloading: The excitement began when I received a shipment of trusses. My dad and I wasted no time and quickly unloaded them, ensuring they were ready for action. However, as luck would have it, the last bundle decided to roll off the truck and onto the road. But we persevered and managed to get everything safely into our workspace.

Windows Delivered: The good news didn't stop there. The next morning, our windows were delivered, adding to the growing pile of essential materials. This was a significant milestone as it marked the arrival of yet another critical component for our project.

A prebuilt truss being carried by an excavator

Laying Out the Posts: With trusses and windows accounted for, it was time to shift our focus back to the posts. I began laying out and cutting the posts to their intended lengths. The truss-bearing posts were particularly important, and I ensured that they were set up correctly with the necessary markings for future reference.

But the work didn't stop there. We had one more crucial task to tackle – pouring the last ten footings for the porch. With this step, we would have all the concrete poured for the house's foundation, completing a significant part of the groundwork.

Transferring Measurements for Squareness: To maintain precision, I demonstrated how I transferred measurements to ensure that all the posts were square and plumb. This meticulous process involved measuring from the center of one post to the center of another, both at the bottom and the top. This method guaranteed that each post was correctly positioned and ready for the next phase of construction.

The process of setting up a wall frame

Setting Up Walls: With the foundation and posts prepared, it was time to lift the first wall. I explained the challenges of raising an 18-foot wall for the first time, a unique experience for me. My dad and I handled the process, and after some initial adjustments, we got the wall securely in place.

I decided to proceed with the framing process. My dad's support had been amazing, but I was determined to continue the work even on my own. I showed how I measured and squared each post before nailing the boards in place. The key was maintaining precision at every step.

While this marks the end of Part 1 of our framing journey, there's still much work to be done. I'll continue working diligently to finish the framing of the house in the coming days. Challenges lie ahead, including lifting the trusses into position, but I'm excited about the progress we've made so far.

This is the framing of the home after being finished

This update has showcased our dedication to making our dream project a reality. We've tackled material deliveries, meticulous post preparation, and even the raising of walls. The journey is far from over, but with the same determination and attention to detail, we're confident that the end result will be worth every effort.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our framing adventure, as we keep you updated on our progress. Thank you for following along!

Thank you,

Mr Post Frame

Mr and Mrs Post Frame

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