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Real Life... Organizing Our Stuff in the Garage!

We've made it a sport moving these past few years. At this point we are down to the basics for our family. Moving into the garage could be a lot more chaotic, but we did a couple of things that make life a lot easier.

I'm glad we did, because we've been living in here a LOT longer than expected! That's one thing I've learned in all of this moving. Wherever you are, it's worth getting yourself somewhat organized. It would be a thousand times more stressful to just live out of boxes and not have a place to store anything.

These shelves were pretty quick and easy to build, and they make a wonderful storage option. Instead of buying pre-made shelves that might not be able to hold the weight, give something like this a try! They hold the things that we need on a regular basis. There are dishes, toiletries, food, and stuff like batteries and games!

Once they were built I filled them with my favorite baskets from the Dollar Tree, a few labels, and that's it!

Watch these videos to see more!

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