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Regency F5200 Wood Stove | #HYWYB

For the past few weeks I've tried to share something to help all of you out that are planning your builds. You don't have to be self building or your own GC or anything. I'm trying to choose topics that are beneficial regardless of your involvement in your project. A lot of them are probably great for remodels too! I decided that giving it a name was better than having a random talk on a Tuesday about something. Enter in #HelpingYouWithYourBuild.

I have been discussing topics that have been requested along with things I want to talk about. I'm always eager to know what you want more information on! Our YouTube channel playlist Mad County Build has all of the videos of this current project, but we get that sometimes you just want a little more info! Or in my case, you want to know the other perspective. Paul is the builder and shares how to do it, but my goal is to share WHY we do it. Then you can decide for yourself if you should include it in your home.

On Instagram everything I share is saved in the highlights section. We've talked about measuring for cabinets, laundry rooms, and a lot else. Today we're talking wood stoves!

Back in Illinois we renovated a home and used a wood stove for the first time. I was skeptical at first because I read Little House on the Prairie. Pa's name is Paul (see where I'm going?), and we seemed to be moving further and further away from civilization. This was before the word "homestead" was glamorous and popular. I thought having a wood stove meant I was doomed to an old fashioned existence.

Wood stove from the cemetery project (our last house in Illinois)

Thankfully all of that minus the Pa/Paul/getting farther away from people stuff wasn't true. The wood stove industry heard the modern cry and they've delivered on some beautiful stoves that have clean lines and don't make you think prairie dress. If you want to read about that stove see THIS post.

Once we used a wood stove there was no going back for us. It saved THOUSANDS of dollars in energy costs. We could literally heat our house with it- the furnace almost never turned on, and if you're willing to do a little heavy lifting you can get fire wood FREE. The ambiance became addicting too. It created such a cozy feeling.

So we didn't give much thought to anything but a wood stove for this build. We like that it's a free heat source that can be used during power outages, the top is good for boiling water, cooking- it'll get you through a harsh winter.

Finding a stove that was capable of heating our home narrowed our choices, but we found an awesome unit. The Regency F5200 Hybrid Catalytic Wood Stove is going to contribute a lot to our home.

Here's what their website says about it:

F5200 Wood Stove Key Features:

  1. Load wood front to back or side to side

  2. Large fire viewing area, with heat radiating ceramic glass

  3. Heavy duty cast hinges that will never bend or break

  4. Solid forged steel adjustable cam lock ensures a tight door seal over time

  5. Front mounted air adjustment & side mounted catalytic bypass

  6. Easy-to-read catalytic thermometer helps your stove reach maximum burn times & efficiency

  7. High performance brick-lined firebox reflects heat

  8. Non-obtrusive air wash curtain keeps glass clean

  9. Welded ash lip will never bend or break

  10. Rear heat deflector allowing for closer clearances

  11. Mobile home and alcove approved

  12. 170° opening door for easy loading

  13. Heavy duty 3/16 in. steel firebox

  14. Triple-burn technology creates longer and more complete burns

  15. Backed by the industry’s most comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty

  16. 10-year, 100% coverage on original catalyst

We're excited to get it set up and hopefully have our first fire before the weather gets too warm!

Let us know if you have questions about using a wood stove!

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