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Small Space Organization: Kids Room

Recently we made a big switch in the townhouse! We put all 3 kids in the same room and made the extra bedroom the craft room, play room... whatever it needs to be room! Originally the "big kids" were sharing a room, so the change hasn't been all that bad.

We have little artists in our house, and having a space for the crafts that isn't the kitchen table is fantastic! Plus when one kid wakes up before the others they have a place to hang out... just kidding... they usually wake each other up. But that's been going on for a long time so why not have a play room instead?! I've been way happier with having a place for their toys and crafts to live. They've ended up staying out of their bedroom for the most part making it less to clean up at night!

Figuring out how to organize the space so that it works well for all of the kiddos presented some challenges. Our oldest is detailed and loves her own brand of organization, so we went ahead and gave her a desk and gave the other one to the younger crowd. They get a little more wild with their projects! I added ribbon and clips so they can change out their art, but hung some of the projects they're most proud of. Can you tell who my oldest's favorite Disney princess is?

One of the special pieces we have is artwork from Peach and Bunny. She's a local Des Moines artist and makes the sweetest pieces for girl's rooms. She also makes amazing baby "month" boards that I've gotten for friends and they're customized for each of them! I've linked her Instagram in the list below if you want to check out her work.

Under the tables each kiddo has their own "book box". It's a great space saver, and they are constantly pulling out books to read. They love that they have their "own" books. Since we found adjustable height tables we used their stools instead of chairs. They often kneel or stand at the tables too... kids like options! We have the same tables in our bedroom/office and they're a perfect desk size.

Do you have a craft/play area for your kids? Leave a comment and share!

Here's a list of the items we used for the space! *

Art Tables (they're adjustable!)

Command Hooks (I used random ribbon & clothespins for the art display)

Storage for Art Supplies (the one we have is vintage but this would be a great option)

Markers (Make sure and get the Ultra clean/washable ones!)

Kraft Paper Rolls (Keeps the desktops cleaner & another art opportunity!)

Magazine Holders (Ours are old, but these clear ones would be my choice)

Fabric Storage Bin (This one comes in a lot of great colors)

ArtWork from Peach and Bunny

* As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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