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Small Space Organization: Office

It's time for another organization project shared with you! I love love love staying organized, and since that's been a passion of mine for over 20 years I feel like I've figured out a few things. So if you're feeling like your life is chaotic and discombobulated... stick around!

For starters, we are renting a 3 bedroom townhouse that I think is smaller than our first home! With that being said, we've had to get creative with the space. One of the things that's a must for us is office space. We both work from home (Paul literally works ON our house), and we need to have a place for the computers, calendars... all the things.

I wanted to share my half of the office today because I've managed to make it a lot prettier than Paul's side haha. We both have tables like this in our master bedroom. We found it's the best space to block off from the kids so they don't get curious around all of the video equipment, etc. We are in a season where we get the kids to bed and work, get up early and work, kids have quiet time, work- starting to see the theme aren't you?

This little station has been a life saver! It has everything I need, which is a reminder to us all. You don't have to overcomplicate it! Get the basics and get to work.

It's ok though to add a little fun! This picture caught my eye a few houses ago and it's made an appearance in every place we lived since. I found mine at Home Goods, but they have the exact one at Target!

The calendars are how I keep track of the moving parts of Marshall Remodel. If we have ideas for the blog or YouTube channel this is where I dump them until we can get them worked and published. They're just simple calendars from the Dollar Tree and I use Command Strips to hang them! It's a low investment way to figure out what kind of calendar system works for you.

I can't pass up a good office supply if you didn't notice. And writing things down has been ESSENTIAL since having kids. I can't seem to store everything in the ole' brain anymore and my phone screen is too small for these eyes! So, I brain dump, use a paper planner, and all is well in the world.

What does your workspace look like? Comment below!

Here's where you can find similar items! (Contains commissionable links)

Desk Chair (the color is not available but the style is)

Table (we got the 4 foot version... it's a great desk size)

Alpaca Picture (exact) similar options here and here

Calendar (similar, or check out the Dollar Tree)

My Favorite Pens! Other great options here, here, and these are erasable

The only paperclips or binder clips worth using

Get yourself a pretty notebook!

Emily Ley Simplified Daily Planner

This is amazing for keeping desk supplies organized

I used Hilary Prall's preset for the photos... I love it!

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