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Sprucing Up Our Porch w/$15 Cushions + $4 Spray Paint

While we lived in our first house (catch up here) Paul added a porch to the front. This was before we had children too... so we're probably talking 10 years ago! We purchased all of our outdoor furniture then and it has made the trek house after house!

Along the way the cushions to our set got damaged and it was time to toss them. We spent all last year sitting on uncomfortable chairs- I almost got rid of the set!

We've already spent TONS of time outside on our porch, so we knew we needed to do something!

Shopping for cushions was tricky. They can be just as expensive as getting a new set. I found these on a whim at Aldi when I was getting groceries for $15/each. The spray paint is a Rust-Oleum in the color Midnight Blue. We used 2 full cans and barely into the 3rd.

The rug was something I got from a friend when she was moving this spring. It adds a lot to this little corner! You can find it in a couple of sizes HERE.

All in all, we spent $60 for cushions and $14 for spray paint! Next up will be giving our rockers and table a little brightening! What would you do, or what's a refresh project you have planned this summer?

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