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Storm Shelter Part 1 Ep5.1

The storm shelter is the only underground space of the Mad County Build. We’ve called it that because it’s the best description. It has two egress windows, so it’s technically a basement space to seek shelter. We plan to make covers for the windows to protect should the glass break during a storm. The Mad County Build is in Iowa, and while there are severe storms, we felt as though having windows in this space was the best plan of action.

This episode covers digging the hole for the space, foundation, and prep work. If you're looking to make an investment in your project Paul uses the Stabila Laser level to make sure that everything is properly set for the storm shelter. We've done other projects without it, and really, it wasn't easy. It comes in handy throughout the project.

Something simple that Paul added were these plastic rebar chairs to keep the rebar in place when the concrete was poured. There's also a similar option in our Amazon Store.

When you don't have the equipment or budget to purchase, renting tools and machines can be a great option. We used Big Rentz for this project, and they're available nationwide.

Links for Equipment + Tools + Products

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