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Striping the Lawn | June 2021 Update

We've got a school year in between planting grass seed and what you see today! It's remarkable how well our yard has done with relatively minimal effort!

Often when we've done projects the lawn is the last thing we get after. Unfortunately that's meant many years where we don't really have any grass and nowhere easy for our kids to play outside. We didn't want to do that this time which is why we prioritized planting grass last fall long before the build would be complete. WE ARE SO GLAD THAT WE DID!!!!

Don't you think the yard is looking amazing?! Paul talks about it in the video, but the mower we use is a Toro zero turn commercial mower we purchased in 2012. It's worth the extra cost for quality when you're trying to take care of an acreage.

Our 6 year old Remington is already wanting to take over the mowing job! Paul says he's not as straight with his lines, but he's pretty good!

Even though this looks like a massive amount of space, it's probably only a couple acres of actual grass. The remaining 30 acres is woods and food plots for the wildlife. The type of grass we planted is called tall fescue.

Check out our YouTube channel for more, and Ryan Knorr Lawn Care if you want to get more tips on making your yard look amazing!

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