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Things You Might Like Including In Your Bathroom | #HYWYB

So if you're just along for the ride waiting to see what this place looks like when it's finished, you're probably not enthralled with these weekly build tips. However, if you're planning a build or major remodel, my goal is to give you things to consider that will make your life more convenient/efficient.

Right now we are using the bathroom right inside the house from the garage. If we had to do it over again we'd add a bathroom to the garage, but this is working out fine. When we move into the house this will be our guest "powder room" when we entertain.

Here are some things we added to our bathroom designs:

  1. Motion Sensor Light Switch

  2. For your kids, your guests, and for you! This has been SO nice. We have it hooked up to our vanity light and it automatically switches on when someone walks in.

  3. I might need to buy these switches in bulk

  4. Extra Can Lights

  5. You won't regret having more light in your bathrooms!

  6. The ones we decided to use are rated for indoor/outdoor and you can choose the level of warmth you want in your light

  7. Vent Fan

  8. Cheap + Loud. That's all you need to look for. Forget the fancy.

  9. Permanent Shower Curtain Rod

  10. Forget those cheap tension rods! Do yourself a favor and upgrade.

  11. We don't like using doors on tub/shower combos, shower curtains work just fine.

  12. Getting one that curves is a bonus because it pulls the curtain away from you when your'e in the shower. It'll change your life lol.

Not to be left out is our tub/shower faucet from Pfister. Paul said this was one of the easiest installs he's done. The quality/price point is really good too. We'll be adding more of these matte black accessories and faucets in all of the bathrooms!

Let me know if there's something you add to bathroom designs that you think we should consider!

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