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Using Versetta Stone Around Our Front Door

When we first started working on the build, we knew we wanted to add something to the exterior instead of doing all metal. After attending the National Frame Builder's Association last year and seeing Versetta Stone in person, and we were really impressed! What drew us to it was being able to have a larger stone look without adding extra mortar. The color options were great too... as we all know that's an essential factor!

We kept doing our research, and Versetta Stone kept being our top option. After seeing how the front entry turned out we simply CANNOT wait to get going on the wood stove wall. This product is absolutely stunning.

Versetta Stone comes in a variety of color and styles, and for our build we went with Tight-Cut Mission Point. Paull mentions this in the video, but there are some situations where you'll have to cut the piece and have an exposed edge. It's recommended that you use Rust-Oleum Spray Paint to seal that edge. There's a great chart that gives you color options based on your stone choice.

You can watch the entire install on our YouTube channel and decide for yourself if this is something you want to tackle yourself. Thank you to Boral Building Products for partnering with us on our project. We love the results!

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