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We Live In The Garage!

Yep, we're living in the garage! It's going better than you might expect.

The garage is:

56' wide

40' deep with 26' for vehicle parking and 14' for the utility room, canning kitchen, storm shelter, and workspace

10' ceilings

4 garage doors that are 10' wide by 8' high (1x1 larger than standard doors)

Filming the build series and making videos for YouTube is a top priority for us, but that takes up a significant amount of time. We are committed to our goal of making this the most complete and helpful post frame build series out there. That's one of the main reasons we ended up running out of time before we needed to be able to live out here.

There isn't much privacy since mostly everything is one big room, but we are making it work! We've moved so many times in the past few years, washed dishes in a bathtub, and made a lot of other sacrifices. It's all part of our journey to get to this point of building, living in, and STAYING in our home.

If you're going to have temporary living arrangements while building, the best thing to do is to be organized. We did a video awhile back on the shelving unit we're using to keep our dishes, toiletries, and whatever else accessible. We did some pretty intense downsizing along the way too. It'll be a lot of fun to bring you along as we furnish and decorate the house room by room.

One of the questions we got was on cleaning the concrete floors. We are SUPER happy with our Eufy robovac for the floors. We run it almost everyday when the kids leave for school. I was skeptical at first, but it shocked me at how good of a job it does! Check it out here.

To wash the floors we got an industrial mop and bucket to make quick work of it! It's easy to move the bucket around the house. The bucket. The mop.

We can't thank everyone enough for their support and encouragement. We try to get to every message and comment, but it's nearly impossible because you guys are so awesome!

We've joined Like To Know. It so we can easily share the things we're using to finish and decorate the Mad County Build. To follow us, download the app and search for Marshall Remodel. We'll be updating it regularly!

Our Amazon store is a great place to find things we're using and love too! It's mainly organized by category.

In floor heat controls:

Mike Curry, Curry Heating Systems


5% discount on your purchase if you mention Marshall Remodel

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