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Window Screen Replacement

We tried our best to make this home as maintenance free as possible. Unfortunately we are going to have to repair/replace some things now and again!

During the construction phase, a handful of our screens were damaged. Now that we've cleaned the windows and it's feeling more like a house we want to have the windows open! It was time to repair those screens, because where we live there are PLENTY of bugs that will take an open window as an invite inside!

It took me a little more effort since it was the first time I've attempted it, but in reality this is a pretty easy project. There are places that you can take them for repair, but if you want to save some money and the hassle just do them yourself.

Here are the supplies and tools that you need for this project:

For existing windows- that's it! The roll linked is 48"x100', but they come in different variations. This roll has been with us through multiple homes since it always seems like there's a repair to be made.

If you have pets or a patio door/something that seems to get damaged more than usual, try a stronger pet screen instead!

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