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Building a Shouse | Finishing Metal Exterior + More Storms | Part 10

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Installing metal cladding and wainsoting

This is the final part of our shouse build series. In this part, we are putting up side steel and wrapping up the building. During the process of constructing this building, we faced numerous challenges. We had a tornado come through, along with lots of thunderstorms and high winds. That's just part of the building process, but we persevered, and the building is coming along. Now, let's get into the final video.

We start by getting into the steel install with wainscoting. It’s a small detail but it adds a lot to the final look of the project. When I’m cutting these pieces, I’m following measurements carefully/ My measurements are written on a piece of wood and it is easily accessible for me to see. As we put a piece up, I ask my partner if we're still good at the top. If he says yes, we leave it. If he says I had an eighth or take an eighth away, I adjust it. Our starting is 185 and 5/8. This is a 4/12 roof pitch, so I need to add 12 inches to this, making it 197 and 5/8.These screws I use are little trim screws. You can get them in whatever color you want. I order them through Menards. I prefer these over nails because they are easy to remove if needed.

shouse build garage door trim

For the garage doors, we will be trimming them in a DIY way. You're not really having to worry about where the ribs are. Ideally, you don't want them in J trim, but the way I'm doing this gives you the ability to run your steel and cut it where it lies. This is an L10 trim that trims out the inside jam of the garage door, extends four inches over, and then a half inch in. We'll set a J trim. We marked a plumb line, ran a bead of silicone on the back side of that J trim, and then nailed it into here. Then we can run our steel right up in there. It's just a little bit easier way to do it. There are some trims that will come out and go over your steel, and I think that looks really nice, but it's a little more difficult because you've got to make sure your layout is just perfect.

All right, so that's it. So all you would have to do when you, your child, your wife, or even you run into the corner of your garage, is loosen your first panel, pop the trim out, and then you can replace it pretty easily.

Installing ridge closure strip for the ridge cap

The final part of the project is the corner trim and ridge cap. So I'm going to put this corner trim on this double angle here. Our metal came with a bigger angle, so that corner trim just slides up underneath, which makes it really nice, and then the top one just sets on it. Versus some double angles you'll see, you have to kind of notch around because it doesn't stick out far enough for it to go under. So that's one nice thing about this bigger double angle. I will buy these pieces long enough that they go from top to bottom, and then where I cut them, I just make sure the finished edge is sitting on the bottom trim. Then the top part of the corner is sitting on the double angle. That way, your finished edges are what you see. The piece really should just slide in pretty easily and then you line it up with your ridges and screw it in.

As far as installing the ridge cap, we first install the ini-vent or ridge closure strip which helps keep out moisture and insects. It usually comes with a sticky side that you can just stick down to the metal roof. You then can begin screwing down the pieces of your ridge cap. Once that is all done, the exterior is complete. This project came with all sorts of challenges but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

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