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Building a Shouse | House Wrap + Windows + Doors | Part 8

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Welcome back to our ongoing series on “shouse” construction! In this part, we'll be wrapping up some essential details, including installing doors and windows, as well as addressing key considerations for a successful build.

Framing windows for shouse

One of the key steps in our construction process is window and door rough-in. We've framed up all the windows and doors, ensuring a robust foundation for these crucial elements of any building. Our windows are specially designed with a three-degree slant on the bottom sill, a feature that could save you from potential water damage in case of window failure. Check out our detailed video on this topic for a closer look.

Before we can proceed with wrapping the house, we focus on two essential aspects: the bottom girt and blocking. The bottom girt involves installing a two by four, strategically positioned halfway between the wainscoting girt and the grade board. This not only adds strength but also provides a convenient spot for attaching external elements like electrical outlets and water spigots. Additionally, we've meticulously blocked around all garage doors and windows to ensure ample room for attaching trims and steel.

To achieve a polished finish, we add the top girt for our FJ trim. Using a level and precise measurements, we ensure the girt is installed at the right height. This step is essential to achieve a neat and level finish for your post-frame building.

house wrap tips and tricks

Our next tip is all about house wrapping. By using a board matching the height of your house wrap. You can just fold the sides of the house wrap over the board and staple the bottom. You then square in up on the corner of the structure and are able to get an even pull across. This simple method ensures a square position and provides stability as you start wrapping your building.

The next step in your build process is installing windows. We've detailed the entire process in a dedicated video, so be sure to check it out. Our method includes precise house wrap folding and silicone application. We ensure that each window is perfectly plumb, square, and centered before securing it with screws. The windows we use are of high quality, making installation a breeze.

crucial step of installing doors

Installing exterior doors is a crucial part of post-frame construction. If you want to get it right, you can’t skip any steps. Starting with ensuring your door opening is square and plumb, we move on to testing the door's fit. Properly leveling the surface you're mounting the door on is crucial for a successful installation. We apply silicone, slide the door in, and secure the hinge side before shimming the lock side, ensuring even reveals. This meticulous approach guarantees a well-fitted door.

That concludes our process and tips for house wrap, windows, and doors. All the things we mentioned are very important parts that you want to get correct on your build. Stay tuned for our next part, where we'll continue to explore the exciting world of “shouse” construction.

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