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Building a Shouse | Fixing Tornado Damage + Overhang Jacks + Fascia | Part 6

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Structural integrity and alignment

In the world of self-building, unexpected challenges are part of the game. We recently faced a slight setback when a powerful storm, including a nearby tornado, caused all sorts of problems around our construction area. While our shouse structure remained standing, it suffered some damage that needed immediate attention. In this blog post, we'll take you through the challenges we encountered and the steps we've taken to overcome them, ensuring the structural integrity and alignment of our project.

The Storm's Impact on the Shouse Build:

The storm, which brought a tornado less than a mile away, tested the resilience of our building. The bracing and strapping systems, which play a crucial role in maintaining the structural, couldn't withstand the aggressive winds. As a result, our building started to lean noticeably.

Fixing the Situation:

Using chains to pull structure into correct positioning

To address this unexpected issue, we took a systematic approach. We began by focusing on the four corners of the structure. Our priority was to ensure that these corners were perfectly plumb, serving as the foundation for the rest of our work. Once the corners were stable, we turned our attention to the roof.

Squaring the roof was a critical step in our recovery process. We carefully measured both ends to ensure they matched perfectly. This included checking diagonal measurements to guarantee that the roof was square. This intricate process was essential in bringing the structure back to its intended form.

The wind had significantly shifted the positions of the end columns, creating an 'S' shape. To tackle this challenge, we employed a comprehensive system of chains. These chains were attached to each column, providing the necessary tension to gently guide them back to their original positions. It was a time-consuming process, but a vital step in achieving the desired structural integrity.

Overhang Jacks and Fascia Boards:

Over hang jacks and facia boards

With the structural issues resolved, we moved forward with the installation of overhang jacks. These jacks are specifically designed for the two-foot overhang of the roof, ensuring it is securely supported. We also took measures to secure the fascia boards, reinforcing their attachment for the long term.

Our primary objective now is to proceed with the installation of steel on the roof. Unfortunately, persistent strong winds are impeding this phase. We are patiently waiting for a period of calmer weather to ensure the safe and efficient placement of the steel.


Self-building is a journey filled with challenges and unexpected setbacks. However, these challenges, though frustrating, are an integral part of the self-building process. We deeply appreciate your understanding and support as we weather this storm. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress and the lessons we learn along the way.

Thank you,

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