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Post Frame Cabin Rebuild | Ceiling Joist + Framing | Part 3

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

We find ourselves in the beautiful state of Missouri, where Justin and I are hard at work on our cabin project. It's been a two-year journey in the making, and this cabin is situated on a piece of property that my dad acquired six years ago. Initially, it was nothing more than a basic shell. However, we've invested a significant amount of time and effort to ensure it's now structurally sound and functional. This has included the removal of old metal siding and the installation of new windows and doors, including a sleek sliding glass door that adds a touch of modernity to the cabin's rustic charm.

Installing ceiling joists and framing walls- post frame cabin

Today, our main task is to install the ceiling joists and frame the remaining walls. Our project has evolved to a point where we're dealing with just three walls at the moment. The ceiling joists are being placed strategically, 24 inches apart, and our first order of business is marking everything precisely. For those of you who want to follow our journey from the beginning, don't forget to check out our posts. They provide an in-depth look at how we got to where we are today.

One notable challenge we've encountered relates to the concrete work done on this cabin around two years ago. The concrete contractor had the idea of placing all the PVC lines beneath the concrete to avoid any interference later on. While it seemed like a good plan at the time, it has presented us with a unique set of challenges. However, we've been resourceful and managed to locate all our vents and drains. We've skillfully removed the concrete around them, which will facilitate future work, such as plumbing and electrical installation.

Framing walls for a post frame cabin

The construction of the walls has been a bit of a puzzle as well. We realized that the existing structure wasn't entirely square. One wall was plumb, but the other presented some alignment issues. Achieving the desired level of precision has taken a fair amount of effort. But rest assured, we now have structurally sound walls throughout the cabin, and we're excited about the progress we've made.

Our cabin boasts a generous 30 by 40-foot layout, offering two bedrooms, a utility room featuring in-floor heating, a water heater, and various utilities. Additionally, one of the bathrooms will feature a double vanity, a toilet, a tub, and a shower, all complemented by built-in cabinets. There's also dedicated space for a washer and dryer, making it a self-contained and comfortable living space. The remainder of the cabin will be open, with an inviting island kitchen, a cozy wood stove, and plans for a mini-split air conditioning system to ensure comfort throughout the year.

MR Post Frame Cabin Project

This cabin project has been a long-held dream, and it's been challenging to prioritize it among other responsibilities. However, this weekend, we finally carved out some time to make substantial progress. With the framing work nearing completion, we're looking forward to tackling the next phases, including electrical and plumbing. We appreciate your continued support and interest in our project. We're here to share our experience and expertise with you.

Thank you,

MR Post Frame

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