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Tackling Challenges in the Mad County Build: A Snowy Update

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Mad County build series! As you can see, I'm trudging through a pile of snow here. It's been an intensely cold week, which slowed down progress, but I'm back in action today, ready to give you a comprehensive update.

picture of home

I've made significant strides, managing to install all the wainscoting and kickstarting work on the metal up above. This segment shouldn't take much longer to complete. However, I encountered a bit of trouble with the wainscoting – an issue with the ribs not lining up as expected. Let me take you through that hiccup before we delve into the next project.

So, as I laid out and affixed the wainscoting to the garage end, I marked out 9-inch intervals, anticipating that they wouldn't interfere with the windows. However, a little measurement mishap occurred, leading to a misalignment with the last rib. The consequence? My corner trim hit that rib dead on, causing an offset of about an inch and a quarter. Let me show you how I tackled this challenge.

After a 30-minute correction session, involving some shifting and realignment, everything is now nice and square. Mistakes happen, and I believe in addressing them promptly, ensuring a quality outcome. Now, with the wainscoting glitch fixed, I'm gearing up to install a door at the back of the garage. The concrete needs leveling, and I'll walk you through my approach to creating a solid, level spot for the door.

The weather hasn't been the most cooperative, but I'm determined to make progress. Installing the door becomes crucial, considering the non-level concrete situation. I'll be using silicone to ensure a secure seal and a well-fitted door. Let's get this door in and move on to the next phase.

paul cutting wood

Fast forward to window trimming. I've encountered some unfamiliar territory here, considering my background in working on AG buildings without windows. Thanks to some valuable advice from others, especially Kyle, I've adopted a method that seems promising. The key lies in precise measurements and careful trimming to ensure a water-tight fit.

Before we wrap up, I want to share a couple of tips that have proven handy during the trimming process. First, marking the snips at one inch intervals can save a lot of time and ensure consistency. Second, creating a jig for repetitive cuts expedites the process. Trust me; these small tricks go a long way.

With the windows successfully trimmed, we move on to the top trim. Leaving a gap above the window and employing a specific cutting technique helps achieve a snug fit. It's all about attention to detail to keep water out and maintain a clean finish.

In conclusion, it's been a challenging episode with some unexpected twists, but that's the nature of construction. I appreciate you sticking with me through it all. The weather has slowed us down a bit, but I'm optimistic that as we move inside, the pace will pick up, and things will get more exciting.

Thanks for watching this episode of the Mad County build series. Don't forget to hit the subscribe button if you haven't already, and share with anyone who might find this journey interesting. Until next time, stay tuned for more updates on the progress!

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