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Cemetery Entry & Dining Area

The entryway in the Cemetery House wasn’t anything formal or separate. It opened right up into a living space and onto the rest of the house. I remember feeling so happy whenever I walked through the front door because it wasn’t cramped. The kids would of course utilize this space to run and scream and play. We always wanted to furnish and decorate this space better, but by the time we were ready we had decided to move to Iowa. Here's what the space looked like initially!

The front of the house boasts one of the large 7 foot wide windows we used in this project. It let so much light in and was very welcoming. This front area was also where we MOVED the basement stairs. Yep, that’s right! The stairs to the basement used to be where the stove/fridge wall is in the kitchen. We wanted a bigger kitchen so the stairs just had to go!

Moving a little further into the house was our dining area. Because we have small children this incredibly open concept home worked so well for us. I was able to work in the kitchen and the kids could be anywhere and still see me. We used the table often for regular meals because it was so close by.

You can best see our flooring in the front area of the house- no furniture has its advantages haha! We used this flooring in the entire house except the mudroom and bathrooms. It’s real white oak with a stain. It’s linked here. We were quite happy with our flooring and hope to use something similar in the new house. Can you figure out where everything is in the before/after pictures?

Shop the Room

Front Door here

Flooring here

Windows are American Craftsman from Home Depot

Light Fixtures from Menards here and here

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