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Cemetery Hall Bath

Kitchens and bathrooms are the MOST important thing to focus on when you're remodeling or building. These two rooms are costly and have a lot of permanent design decisions in them. I am very thoughtful about things like cabinetry, countertops, etc. Everything else can be changed without creating a huge mess for yourself!

The hall bath at the Cemetery house is going to look familiar because it has a lot of the same elements as the rest of this project! Read posts on the Kitchen and Master to see sources. In a smaller (relative term) house I think having uniformity with things like that give the overall house the best flow. The Cemetery House was plenty big don't get me wrong!

We all used this bathroom for the first year or so that we lived in the house. Living in a remodel sometimes means having to stall completion as the budget allows. The master was the most out of the way space to have unfinished... I'm crossing my fingers that's not the case with our current project!

The luxury added was that we tiled above the tub... 575 tiles to be exact! Paul spend a LOT of time on this bathroom, and I love how nice it turned out. Instead of wood trim by the floor we used tile. By doing so we ensured that water couldn't get under the floor and start causing problems and leave the baseboards looking worn and rotted.

We used one of our barn wood mirrors that was actually from a previous nursery! We purchased an inexpensive mirror from Menards and Paul made the frame for it. It's such a great element added to a somewhat simple space.

I was sure to organize the bathroom to be functional for our kiddos! They were VERY little when we lived in this house, so everything was mainly for the adults getting them ready for bed. It's a little sad to see we don't need as many toys or things for bath time everyone is becoming independent.

Thank you for reading along today. I hope you find these posts inspirational for your next project.

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