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Cemetery House: Pantry

When it comes to storage, no house can ever have too much! Even if you try to keep “stuff” at a minimum having a place to keep it organized is essential to not feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. The saying, “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place” is so true! I’ve shared the kitchen, but wanted to get more specific and share the pantry.

Since the Cemetery House was a rebuild (taking renovation to a whole new level) we were able to lay out every square inch. I have to give Paul the credit for how this part turnout. The way he was able to take 2,000 square feet and make it feel open and full of options was amazing. Our new house will be bigger which means even more opportunities for great storage!

The Cemetery kitchen had two pantry areas. There was a large pantry cabinet in the main area used primarily for food, and then a room with additional cabinets/counters for storage.

Left: INto the Pantry, Right: Into the Mudroom (Before trim)

Once again I use my favorite Dollar Tree baskets in the pantry cabinet. For our family it was tons easier to keep things from sliding around and getting lost. Nerd alert: I couldn’t resist using my label maker! Marking things is a great way to keep things in their place especially if you have multiple people in and out of your kitchen.

We used the pantry counter space to house larger appliances that I didn’t want out in the main kitchen, but that we used often. Below in the cabinets were all of the bigger, lesser used items along with entertaining pieces, and a few random items ha! The shelves above the counter were one of the last additions we made to the room using barn wood from Paul’s family farm. Had we stayed my vision for the space was to fill those shelves with canned goods from the garden. Ah well, next house, right?!

What do you like best about these spaces? If you were designing a pantry what are your must haves? Leave a comment below, and scroll down to subscribe to our email list.

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