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Cemetery: Master Suite

Wrapping up the tour of our Master Suites with the Cemetery House! This is one of my favorite designs of anything we've done! I loved how functional everything was, and that we had more than enough storage. Easier to keep things organized when there is a place for it!

The Cemetery Master Suite entrance was in the living room, which was part of the addition to the house. Originally all 3 bedrooms were accessed in the main hallway, but we closed that off to make the bedroom into the closet and bathroom. The before pics are harder to figure out what used to be where because things are SO different!

Looking into the Master bedroom area

There are two closets in this room, one for the laundry and one for everything else. I really enjoyed having laundry so close and the extra space the closet provided. You could easily have used the hanging space for everyday items, but the walk in closet by the bathroom provided plenty for Paul and I. This laundry closet was originally part of the hall bath... crazy I know! The entrance into the laundry closet and bathroom was the back of the house.

The bedroom part was simple. We used many of the same materials throughout the house in order to have maximum uniformity. I found that having such an open concept house felt better when things didn't keep changing from room to room.

Our headboard for both the Safford House and the Cemetery House were made out of the wood from the cattle yard of the family farm. It was cool having a special piece of family history in the house along with it being a cool design feature!

Something simple but a huge impact were the reading lights Paul installed above our bed. We could each control our own light and it was great or reading and working at night. The City House didn't have anything like that and we REALLY missed it!

The bathroom turned out to be a great design. I decided to go with just one sink set off to the left so that I had max counter space. In addition to the space I was able to use a set of drawers since there wasn't plumbing to get in the way. This was so nice for storage. Another small thing that made a big difference was installing an outlet inside the vanity tower. I could keep my toothbrush and face scrubber charged.

Below are links to the materials we used, but if there's anything you need more details on let me know.

Flooring (same as the entire house minus the bathrooms & mudroom)

Interior doors, including the sliding barn doors

Closet Light sold out, but similar price option, or more similar option.

Trim & Shelving are from Menards

Closet Cube Organizers & Fabric Bins

Tile for the Floor & Shower is no longer available but was a special order from Menards

Shower Faucet & Sink Faucet Similar

Vanity Light

Granite Countertops is Santa Cecilia Light (same as the rest of the house)

Mirror was standard mirror that Paul built a frame for out of barnwood

Track for the sliding barn doors

Washer & Dryer Combo (surprisingly large for being a stacked unit)

Windows are American Craftsman from Home Depot

Glass for the Shower was a custom order and we went through Home Depot

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