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Fireplace Part 1: Wood Stove

While designing the Cemetery House we knew having some sort of fireplace was at the top of our "must have" list. Most important was its ability to heat the house. Where we lived in Illinois the only option was LP (liquid propane) and that was traditionally more expensive than natural gas. We would contract LP in the fall- basically guessing as to how much we'd need to get through the winter. I remember one winter in another home we spent an average of $600/month to heat 1,300 square feet. It was ridiculous. Well, using a wood stove is wayyyy cheaper. We embarked on this project after we had moved into the house, showing you can add something like this to your existing home.

If you're like me when you hear wood stove you think of something old fashioned. Because of that I wanted to get a wood stove insert which would make things look like a traditional fireplace. However, after pricing everything out we were going to spend double-triple the amount as we would getting a traditional wood stove. So, I set out to find one that looked more modern.

We went to a local company, Benson Stone, where our kitchen came from to see what options they had available. I asked the salesman for the most modern looking wood stove. He looked at me like I was a little crazy and said well, you've got one option. Ha! Good thing I fell in love with the one choice I had! I immediately knew it was what we were looking for. It was simple and yet it would still make a statement.

We found it was so easy to use and saved us thousands of dollars during our time at the Cemetery House. We didn't use even a third of the LP we had contracted the first winter. Of course using a wood stove means you're always on the hunt for wood to burn, and to really get maximum savings you're doing the labor. So the option isn't for everyone, but it is perfect if you want to save money and enjoy work like that.

It made winter more enjoyable for sure! In those days Paul worked mainly nights and I loved getting to sit and watch the fire after I got the kids to bed. Currently we don't have any sort of fireplace in the townhouse and I can't wait to see how things turn out at the Mad County Build.

The model we bought is the Lopi Evergreen with a pedestal. You'll need to find a local retailer to purchase it from.

Mantle decor either vintage or from Target

Now for the backdrop! Because we had wood flooring we needed to use a tile for the stove to sit on, otherwise it would be too hot! This was from a local company and cost around $400. We loved the thought of stone or brick up the wall, but we were working with a limited budget. We decided to take a chance with the corrugated metal and LOVE how it turned out! We added barn wood trim and a mantle from the family farm to keep with our rustic/modern style. The metal is from Lowes, cost about $50 and was easy to install keeping this project very reasonable. It would be easy to remove down the line if you did want to install brick or stone.

The stove went on the left wall... this entire space was an addition to the house

Showing the room with drywall

Grout for the hearth

Do you have a fireplace, wood stove, or alternative way to heat your home? Leave a comment below I'd love to hear what you like/dislike!

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