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Cemetery House: Adding On

I shared a photo on Instagram this week of Paul with both of the girls standing on the foundation of our current build and our Cemetery house. The photos were 4 years apart and the girls are the same age in each! It was so fun looking back on that memory AND seeing how much they look alike! It also inspired today's post looking back at the Cemetery house!

The original Cemetery House was 1300 square feet and after much debate we decided to expand the main level. We had planned on living in this house for a decade or more so we wanted it to meet the needs of our growing family.

Paul designed and built the addition which was 34'x18' and housed our family/living room and the master bedroom. I'll share more on how we finished these spaces in future posts.

This is when we purchased a backhoe for the project. If you have the funds sometimes it makes more sense to buy a tool or piece of equipment and resell it after instead of renting it multiple times. Paul was also working full time while he did this project so it was nice to just have the backhoe since he started and stopped a lot.

Paul with the help of his dad and uncle formed up and poured the foundation. Paul single handedly put a 22 foot header up to support the existing back of the house! It never ceases to amaze me what he's been able to accomplish on his own. It takes a lot of determination and creativity!

Most of the building materials including the siding and shingles were purchased from Menards. We have used them for multiple projects and it's usually the most affordable but still good quality materials. We actually ordered everything for the new house this week from there! Exciting progress to come!

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