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City House: Hall Bath

The City House hall bath or “kid bath” was a simple layout that we used many of the same finishes as the rest of the house. I share it today because it goes to show that you don’t need a giant space to make something that is fun and functional. Our renovation style seems to be that the hallway bathrooms are the first (and sometimes only) functional ones in the house! This was no exception… I present the bathtub that I did dishes in all of Summer 2018!

My personal preference is to have the design flow be uniform. When you don’t have tons of rooms or an enormous house I think this helps things flow better. The City House was 2300 square feet so there wasn’t a lot of room for chopping things in my opinion.

Having unique mirrors in the bathrooms was a fun way to change things up. This mirror I found at Home Goods… not that helpful if you want it is it?! I totally love this mirror! Here are some other options that would be fun...

We kept with the same faucet, cabinets, counters, backsplash, and flooring as you’ve seen in the master bath. You can find those sources in this post.

The original design of the bathroom included the wall sconces so we went ahead and kept that. I LOVE the look having lights on the sides of the mirror. It feels so welcoming, plus you can get really creative with the design. I didn’t branch out though… I went with the same style as the other light fixtures in the house. The entire line is from Menards and can be found here.

This was the main shower we all used since the master was under construction until after we moved out. We got this permanent rod, and the Hookless shower curtains are my FAVORITE. I know they’re not super fun in design, but they’re awesome to use and easy to take down to clean.

If you have more questions about this room, leave them in the comments!

Thanks for reading along... I hope you're enjoying the tours through some of our past projects.

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