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City House: The Master Suite

Continuing on with this week's theme I'll share our latest master. This was by far the least decorated and settled into! We never got to use the shower! Check out these before pics... things are greatly improved.

All sources are listed at the end of this post, but please let me know if there's more information that you want.

As with the rest of the main level we did custom concrete countertops for the vanity top. For being a relatively standard bathroom there was SO much space for the vanity! I made sure to design it with plenty of storage for 2 people.

Speaking of storage, there is a second closet in the bathroom! This was so exciting to me... I love good storage! I opted to make it all shelving inside so that we could store towels, toiletries, and that's also where my shoes landed.

While I didn't get to fully utilize this space I am very happy with the outcome and I bet the new owners of the City House like it too.

The bedroom area was pretty standard. Had we stayed I would have styled the window seat more and used that space to drink coffee and read books. (LOL JK I would have been working instead of the reading, but the coffee part is true) Before listing the house we used the corner under these shelves for our desk area. We had tables and the shelves were used more for storing things. When you have little kids and limited space the master bedroom can be the best place for a home office. Yes, in a perfect world you wouldn't want to work and sleep in the same space, but you have to make do with what's available.

The shelves were SO simple and Paul had them up in a couple of house. We used boards and basic brackets from Menards. He installed LED strip lighting underneath which added a lot to our workspace. That's it! It is a project most everyone could tackle and it makes a great difference in the room.

I've listed as many of the materials we used:

Concrete Countertops See Parts One, Two, Three, and Four for the How To and supply list

Cabinetry from Beisser Lumber, Maple wood in Granite finish (Local company)

Mirror is from Hobby Lobby

Sink Faucets similar Here and Shower/Tub Faucet similar Here

Sinks from Amazon

Tile for the Shower

Tile for Backsplash

Flooring (same throughout the entire house)

Shelving for the closets, decorative shelves, and LED lighting are all in stock items at Menards

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