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City House Kitchen

In case you don’t know, we purchased the City House after the kitchen cabinets had been ordered but not installed. We assembled the entire thing and we were able to choose all of the other finishes.

Obviously the concrete countertops are the star of the show! It was my (Emily) idea originally to save money. They saved money, and also took a LOT more time! We were without a kitchen for 2 months because of the process! We had to do all of our dishes by hand in the bathtub… it was ROUGH. You can read all about it in Parts One, Two, Three, and Four.

This was our first time having a white kitchen. It was nice how easy it was to make all of the other design elements blend together. We used the same cabinet hardware as in the Cemetery House. I really love those handles! They’re affordable and go well with a wide variety of colors. You can purchase them here.

The backsplash was one of the last things to be finished before we sold the house. I brought home at least 20 samples from Home Depot and compared them to find the perfect one! Home Depot has a good selection of well priced, in stock tile if you’re looking for your own project. Click here to see the backsplash we used in the kitchen.

My favorite thing (aside from the countertops) was the faucet! This is the second time I’ve purchased a kitchen faucet from Amazon, and both times I’ve been really happy! I love this style, and chances are I’ll get something similar in the new house. You can purchase the faucet here.

The sink was another amazing Amazon find! It came in plenty of time, and having the grate for the bottom of it was such a good add on. I think those are a must have for sinks so you minimize scratching the bottom! We got it for a little less than it is now, but it's still a great deal! Find it on Amazon here.

Our appliances in the City House were SO GOOD. We purchased them at Lowes, and PSA they offer price adjustments for 30 days! I kept my eye on things and ended up saving another $300! I also used a 10% off coupon from the USPS that you get when you change your address. Definitely worth using on a big purchase! Nearly every appliance we have owned has been GE. We haven’t had any issues whatsoever. Going with the black slate this time was the perfect choice. Personally I think this is the best color option I’ve seen! Don’t be surprised if you see it on repeat in the Madison County house. Refrigerator Range, Microwave, and Dishwasher options.

Flooring for the kitchen is the same as in the entire house. Luxury Vinyl Plank from Home Depot. Find our color here.

Have you ever remodeled your own kitchen? How did you survive the in between stage? I can’t say I want to do dishes in a bathtub EVER again!

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