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Fireplaces Part 2

Sharing part 2 today about some of the more recent fireplaces we’ve had!

Disclaimer: we bought this house AFTER the demo. So if you would have kept some of the before stuff in place, know that I would have too! I just had to work with what was left after they tore it all out.

The City House had a fireplace on each level which added so much to the overall design. The upstairs was a gas and the lower level had traditional wood burning. Upstairs it was a part of the amazing wood wall that was original to the house. It was a dark stain that Paul painted over. I LOVE how it turned out. We used Sherwin Williams paint and primers throughout the whole house. This wood bond primer was unique and we were able to paint the wood without sanding it at all. That saved a TON of time and mess!

From what I could tell I think the hearth was originally carpet! And not a pretty color! We obviously wanted to do something different, and we used the same tile that we used in the bathrooms for the backsplash. The tile is so beautiful, but Paul said it wasn’t his favorite install! It was really hard to grout because of the bevel… so keep that in mind if you’re doing it yourself! The doors and grates are the original that we used high-heat spray paint to make them black. Easy and inexpensive change.

Main Level before

If we had stayed at the City House there would have been so much more decorating, and maybe a little more furniture! For the mantle I used simple vases I found at a thrift store years and years ago! I kept moving them and never finding the right place for them, but I’m glad I kept on because I really loved the simplicity of the decor. The lavender was from Michaels. I cut one large bunch into the pieces I needed. This is a simple design that you could easily change seasonally without much expense.

The lower level fireplace took us awhile to decide for sure on the look. We went with a shiplap and no mantle. I think this was the best choice for how it fit into the rest of the house. If you want to see the shiplap we used you can find something very similar here.

Are you a fan of gas or wood burning fireplaces? Would you be willing to go with a wood burning stove instead?

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