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Paint Colors & Sprayer Review

Picking out paint colors? Do you feel overwhelmed looking at all of your options? Why would you? It's not like white comes in 1,000 colors. :-)

When choosing colors for our projects I like to keep things pretty simple. I prefer to use art, furniture, and other decor items to bring color into the home. Those are much easier to change out. Truth be told, I always knew we'd be selling the house soon so I needed to keep it simple!

For bedrooms, hallways, and other less "main" areas I like white. It's clean and bright. I've used whites from color cards, but I've also just gone with the white that comes in the can.

I like to refer to the colors I use in the main areas of the house as "no color colors". They're usually neutral, and sometimes light enough that you might not notice them at first glance. They add just enough depth to the rooms without being loud.

Application? We use two different paint sprayers. For the big jobs we have a commercial paint sprayer. It works great, but the clean up is tedious so it's not ideal for smaller projects. For the City House we bought a handheld sprayer that works great! As with any paint sprayer you're going to spend TONS more time taping off around your project compared to how long you actually paint! Tape, paper, and a sturdy piece of cardboard works well to help minimize any overspray. The model we purchased has adjustable spray force so you can do trim, walls, furniture, etc. with it. My favorite part of using a sprayer is that you don't have to worry about brush marks! You can purchase our exact sprayer here.

See the sprayer in action over on our YouTube channel...

Here are a couple of my favorite paint colors!

Whiskers 513-4 PPG Pittsburgh Paints

Wall: Alpaca SW7022 Sherwin Williams Wood Trim Wall: Functional Gray SW7024 Sherwin Williams

What are your favorite colors to use? Do you enjoy painting? Paul has said during every project that painting is his LEAST favorite task. And yet the guy keeps on going! :-) I have friends who love painting and I am jealous of their steady hand!

Comment below with your favorite colors, or if you want more suggestions on what to use in your house.

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